Commission Process

I love bringing ideas to life. If you have an artwork in mind, whether a vaguely defined desire or specific intention, we can work together to put in on paper.


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An insight into the commission process. This is for a basic, traditional image creation:


1. First we define the purpose of the commission – for example, business, personal collection, concept design. This can point us towards the right medium (paint on canvas, mural, drawing, digital, etc) and subject. If you don’t have a specific image or style in mind, we will go through my past works to see what kind of images you find most appealing. From these early discussions I will make some suggestions for theme until we seem to be thinking on the same page.


2. I will create 3 or 4 thumbnail sketches around the ideas we talk about and share them for discussion. Are we heading in the direction you were imagining? If no, we figure out the difference and I return with more sketches. If yes, we continue to step 3.


3. Final sketch – higher quality version of the chosen sketch. Often this sketch will involve mixing elements from multiple sketches, removing elements and changing colours.


4. If you’re happy with the final sketch, then the final product will be created!



I draw a lot. Raised in country NSW and now living in the urban sprawl of Melbourne, my work highlights the tangled beauty of the natural world, and blends this with the human form and urban geometry. Studied Molecular Biology and Medical Science, and of course, used this education to continue drawing a lot.



Passionate about nature, humanity, and the fate of the relationship between these intertwined forces.